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DZ-98 Motor Grader (overhaul)

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€32,500 €52,500

Overhauled DZ-98 Motor Grader is an excellent value for money

Overhauling in 2017. The state of new machine at a low price. The price is indicated inclusive of VAT 18%.

Overhauled DZ-98 Motor Grader is an excellent value for money, because due to the introduction of utilization fees, all manufacturers of road building machinery were forced to raise selling prices for new graders manufactured after March 16, 2016.

The motor grader is equipped with the following brand new accessories: turning table, SD-16 hydraulic control valves (manufactured in Italy), power steering SUB-500 (manufactured in Serbia), additional hydraulic filter, electrical equipment, including battery, steering column, high and low pressure hoses, tires, blade cutting edges, all rubber products, filters, gaskets, metalware, clamps. Other assemblies: complete disassembly, identification of defects and repair with replacement of faulty and heavily worn parts with new ones.

The motor grader completely corresponds to its functional purpose. It is identical to a new one for all its technical characteristics. The warranty period is 6 (six) months or 500 (five hundred) engine hours.