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“Machinery Building Plant named after A. Nevsky”

Our team is engaged in manufacturing, repair and restoration of metal structures made of ferrous and non-ferrous metal of any complexity. The equipment of one of the leading manufacturers of welding equipment “Lincoln Electric”, universal assembly and welding tables with a tooling package “Siegmund” are used for performing the work. This allows assembling metal structures with strictly defined geometric parameters.

The design engineering team designs products, parts, components and equipment with a large number of elements assembled in 3D models.

Specialists have the working experience at European factories.

Cooperation with European manufacturers allows exchanging experiences and implementing up-to-date approaches to our activity.

Argon-arc welding:

— welding of stainless steel products, including the product made of food-grade steel,

— welding of titanium products,

— welding of cast iron products,

— high-temperature brazing of copper, brass and bronze.

Semi-automatic welding:

— welding of aluminum with thickness 4 mm and higher;

— welding of structural and low-alloy steels (structural elements of road construction and agricultural machinery, as well as fences, grills, street fences of various types, stairs, handrails, shelters, etc.)

— welding of heat-resistant and high-temperature steels.

Manual arc welding:

— welding of ferrous metal and stainless steel.

Availability of high-quality equipment and highly qualified personnel allows performing works as quickly and efficiently as possible, which is confirmed by provision of a guarantee for the services.

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